Webmail Upgrade

Posted on August 24th, 2006 by

Today, Gustavus Technology Services has upgraded the Gustavus Webmail system newest version. We are currently using Horde IMP 4.1 as our webmail system.

Here is a quick list of major changes compared to our last version:

  • Virtual Inbox and Virtual Trash folder.
  • “Empty Spam” menu item.
  • Stationery and form responses.
  • Not necessary to click on “Attach” button when attaching files.
  • Play sound on new mail.
  • Multiple message view.
  • Ability to create notes from email messages.
  • Improved message previews.
  • Send notification when linked attachments are downloaded.
  • Graphical representation of thread on thread view screen.
  • Encrypt PGP messages for all recipients in one message.
  • Always send new messages in “flowed” format.
  • Added Hebrew and Khmer translation.
  • Permission to restrict folder creation.
  • More flexible custom email headers.

For more information, please visit the official website. [Link]
Please visit the Gustavus Webmail page at https://webmail.gac.edu and give it a try. Please email any comments or concerns to webmaster@gustavus.edu.


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