Return of the Hitlist and Dutyperson!

Posted on September 11th, 2006 by

During the academic year the managers of the Technology Helpline use two tools to help coordinate the daily activities of all our employees.  The Hitlist and the Dutyperson.

The Hitlist has matured and changed over the years, and has changed yet again this year.  We hope it will continue to change during the year.  This year we will continue with a wiki based version of the Hitlist.  It will be part of the new and improved GTS web site.

Technology Helpline employees use the Hitlist to stay updated on current events and issues.  The Hitlist also contains information about their work assignments, jobs and upcoming meetings.

New GTS site.

New Technology Helpline Hitlist.

Monday’s Hitlist Page.

The Dutyperson is the full-time staff member “in charge” for the week.  The Dutyperson manages the database, Hitlist and daily functions of the Technology Helpline.  The Dutyperson is the go to person for any questions, concerns or jobs that need attention.  The Dutyperson rotates on a weekly basis.

September Dutyperson Schedule:
September 11 – 15  Tami
September 18 – 22  Nick
September 25 – 29  Jessie


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