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Finding a Meeting Time with Google Calendar

Do you need to schedule meetings with others at Gustavus (or other Google users)? Is it a challenge to find a time that works for your group? Google Calendar can help with a small or large group! To Find a Time using Google Calendar: Log into your Gustavus Google Calendar with your Gustavus username and […]

Don’t be a Phishing Victim

Everyday Gustavus users are exposed to phishing attempts, spam and malicious software. In recent weeks multiple large data breaches have been reported in the media.  The breaches contain personal contact information (name, address, phone, email) for hundreds of and accounts.  No passwords were included in the breach.  This personal contact information makes targeted […]

WebAdvisor and Cookie Issues

After Spring Break, Registration for Fall 2015 will be starting (April 13th). The Technology Helpline would like to remind users how to avoid cookie problems with WebAdvisor, or resolve them when they occur. A cookie is a small piece of information stored locally, on your machine, by a website, to help the site remember you later.  Browsers limit the […]

Wireless Updates and Changes

This summer the Gustavus wireless network has undergone several updates to improve coverage, speed and security.  In order to further improve our wireless network, we are in the process of modifying the wireless networks available on campus.  As soon as possible, please connect your devices to one of the new wireless networks.  The new wireless […]

Heartbleed Vulnerability in the News

The Heartbleed vulnerability has been in the news this week. This recently discovered vulnerability may allow hackers to steal your password or other critical information from un-patched internet sites. For more information please see: For information about which sites have been compromised and patched, please see: This vulnerability again underscores the importance of […]

Technology Helpline Finals Week Hours

Below are the Technology Helpline hours for Finals Week at Gustavus Saturday, December 14th 12 – 5 pm Sunday, December 15th 3 – 11 pm Monday, December 16th 8 am – 11 pm Tuesday, December 17th 8 am – 11 pm Wednesday, December 18th 8 am – 11 pm Thursday, December 19th 8 am – […]

Gustavus E-mail Being Blocked

Currently, certain businesses and email hosting sites (like and are blocking emails sent from Gustavus e-mail addresses. Messages sent from WebMail ( will NOT be blocked. We are working on a solution to this problem.  However, due to its nature, resolution may take 12 – 24 hours. This problem was caused by a […]

Another Round of Phishing Scams

Many Gustavus users received another round of Phishing attempts yesterday. This attempt was in the form of an email, asking you to follow a link and input your email username and password.  We have blocked access to the site in the message. Please remember that we will never ask you for your password, and neither […]

Print Accounting Update

In the fall of 2009, Gustavus launched a new print accounting system (Print Accounting System).  At the request of Gustavus students, some changes have been made to the system for the school year, 2010-2011. Duplex Discount A duplex discount will be given for printing on both sides of one sheet of paper.  The discount will […]

Quick Navigation to Webmail

Many Gustavus users use Webmail as their primary, or secondary email client.  Navigating to the WebMail interface from the Gustavus on campus pages can take time.  To quickly jump to the WebMail interface just type: in your navigation bar.