Gustavus Wireless got you down?

Posted on December 1st, 2006 by

Do you think that the addition of the GACwireless to the residence halls was a great idea? In most cases, everybody thinks it is a great idea until things don’t work. As the end of the semester approaches, we at the Technology Helpline want to make sure that you have the speed and reliability you need to research on the Web, email, send attachments, print reliably, and save and copy documents to your Home Directory.

As many of you probably have found, with many people using the Gustavus Wireless, it may become unreliable and slow. Here are some tips to keep you surfing fast and reliably:

  • Plug your computer into the ethernet jack in your room and use your Wired connection. This will give you faster and more reliable surfing. NOTE: You may need to buy an ethernet cable and/or register your computer. The BookMark has ethernet cables at a great price. Seriously.
  • When using the wireless network – keep the use of microwaves and 2.4 GHz phones at a minimum. Both of these interfere with the GACwireless signal.
  • If you plan on downloading big files, please use the Wired connection, remember you are sharing the connection with others. One person can ruin it for everybody.
  • Remember that wireless connectivity in a multiple-user environment is for convenience, not as a dedicated internet connection.

As we continue to develop the GACwireless network, we ask for your patience. Please know that Technology Services is more than happy to listen to any feedback about unreliable areas, new places that we need wireless connectivity, etc. Please send any comments or suggestions to


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