Possible Internet Outage – Tuesday, Dec. 22nd Posted on December 17th, 2009 by

Taken from the Core Services blog —

*** UPDATE ***
At 2:15 Thursday I received word that our ISP has rescheduled the maintenance for December 22nd instead of this upcoming Friday.

I just received a notice from our upstream ISP that they will be performing emergency fiber repair on the fibers Gustavus uses to connect to the Internet. The maintenance is scheduled to being on Tuesday, December 22nd at midnight and continue until 6:00am. If you are like me, in my head that means this starts Monday night even though technically it is not until very early Tuesday morning.

I do not know if our connection will be down for all or even any of this time, however the last time they did similar maintenance our connection was down from about 12:30am until almost 8:00am.

If you are going to be up late studying, please plan accordingly. On campus services such as webmail, and the Gribly will continue to operate in the event of an outage, however access to Google docs, calendar, sending/receiving email from off campus sites, etc. will not.


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