Adobe’s Security Breach potentially compromised 450 Gustavus Accounts Posted on November 25th, 2013 by

Aadobe-acrobat-logodobe Systems, Inc.’s recent security breach exposed the usernames and passwords of 150 million accounts all over the world.

Gustavus Technology Services was able to verify that over 450 Gustavus usernames were included in the list of compromised Adobe ID accounts.  We strongly encourage users to NOT use their Gustavus password on any other website.  If you believe you have, or are uncertain,  please change your Gustavus password immediately.
The New York Times has a great article highlighting the importance of unique passwords and explaining how people may have inadvertently shown hackers passwords for bank accounts, email and even home garage door codes on the Adobe website.  Please see:
BITS BLOG: Adobe Breach Inadvertently Tied to Other Accounts

 If you have questions or concerns, please talk to any Technology Services employee, or contact the Technology Helpline (507.933.6111 or
To change your Gustavus password –
From the Gustavus homepage, click on the Log in button (upper right hand corner)
After logging in, click on your name as it appears next to the Log out button (upper right hand corner)
On the Account page, under the Password section (left side) click Change password.

Please note, your Gustavus password change will affect all of the following services:
Gustavus E-mail from all devices (iPhone, Android, smart device) and applications (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, WebMail)
Google Calendar Access and Syncing (including Calendar access on smartphones)
Google Docs
Campus Computer Logins
Home Directory, Department Share and Locker Access
Any pages using the Gustavus Single Sign On.


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