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Registering Game/Media Consoles on the Gustavus Network

If you are an owner of an Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, or Playstation and would like to register it on our network, please visit https://greg.gac.edu/registerdevice.php All you will need is your device’s MAC address. You can find links on how to find the MAC address on the registering a device web page. If you […]

Would you like better cell phone coverage?

What can Technology Services do about poor cell phone coverage? Unfortunately, not much. However, you may be able to improve it yourself! The most important thing to do, is to contact your cellular provider and let them know your coverage isn’t very good. If more people call them and let them know, this gives them […]

Increased Wireless Access: Fine Arts/SSC

Due to increased demand, our system administrators have been busy during spring break adding wireless access points. So hopefully now, more and more people can utilize their laptops and wireless internet enabled iPods/cell phones in these areas. GTS has recently installed access points in: Schaefer Arts Buildling First floor 2nd floor Lecture Hall Schaefer Music […]

Wireless in the Library

In an attempt to improve wireless in the Library, you will need to connect to the GAClibrary network instead of GACwireless network. We are in the testing phase, please let us know if things are working better or worse. You can email the Technology Helpline (helpline@gustavus.edu) with your comments.