Would you like better cell phone coverage?

Posted on December 11th, 2009 by

What can Technology Services do about poor cell phone coverage? Unfortunately, not much. However, you may be able to improve it yourself! The most important thing to do, is to contact your cellular provider and let them know your coverage isn’t very good. If more people call them and let them know, this gives them more incentive to take action. If you are an AT&T iPhone user you can take this a step further by downloading the “AT&T Mark The Spot” application onto your iPhone. The application allows you to “mark” where you are receiving poor service geographically so that AT&T can pinpoint where they are providing poor coverage. With every person letting their cellular provider know that they need better coverage, the improves our odds are for getting the wireless coverage we would like.



  1. Tom Lany says:

    If you have Verizon Wireless, it might also help to update your “Priority Roaming List” (PRL) by dialing *228. When Verizon bought Altel, it seems as though they switched some of the towers/added more towers in the area. Since I updated my phone, I have been receiving better service.

    The process is really simple, but you have to be connected to a Verizon tower to do it. I had to update my PRL in the Twin Cities the last time I did it.

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  3. Nicholas Sonsteby says:

    If you are an AT&T user, you may have noticed that there is better coverage as of this month. You also may have noticed you are now using their faster 3G service for AT&T 3G-enabled phones.