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First-Year Orientation Hours and Services

This weekend, we have extended hours at the Technology Helpline designed to help new students and returning students get connected to the Gustavus network. Please see our hours and services for this weekend below. Technology Helpline x6111 Saturday, September 2nd Technology Helpline 8am-5pm We will have consultants in the Bookmark from 9am-5pm Sunday, September 3rd […]

GACwireless in the Residence Halls

As many of you can probably see by now, the GACwireless signal has reached the residence halls. At last! Here are some tips to keep it up and running. Please be aware that wireless browsing should be considered a convenience and not a replacement for plugging your computer into the ethernet jack in your room. […]

Users in the Residence Halls: Please re-register your Wired connection.

Note: Users were un-registered at 9am on Monday, August 28th. If you registered after this time, please disregard. As the start of the year is drawing near and summer student employees, CFs, and athletes are making their way to their permanent room assignments, students and other users that make use of the Wired connections in […]

Up and Running Training to Begin

Every year we host a week long training session for Technology Helpline employees. This week long training session begins at 9 am on Tuesday, August 29th and runs until Friday the 31st.  Immediately following the training session, the New Students (Class of 2010) begin arriving on campus and asking for our help and assistance. After […]

Sending large attachments using your Gustavus account.

Have you ever tried to send a large attachment with your Gustavus email account? Did it work? Depending on the size probably not. The answer to this problem is using the Gustavus Webmail system. Start by composing an email message in Webmail and attach your file.  When attaching the file set the option at the […]

Webmail Upgrade

Today, Gustavus Technology Services has upgraded the Gustavus Webmail system newest version. We are currently using Horde IMP 4.1 as our webmail system. Here is a quick list of major changes compared to our last version: Virtual Inbox and Virtual Trash folder. “Empty Spam” menu item. Stationery and form responses. Not necessary to click on […]