New Library Group Study Rooms Posted on March 14th, 2007 by

On the first floor of the Library, room 102 and 106 are now home to Hector and Helen. Both rooms have a 32″ flat screen monitor, a Mac mini, two keyboards, and two mice that can be used for Group Projects. There is also a connection for a laptop so it can be connected to the 32″ monitor and both keyboards and mice. Hector currently has an added bonus. There is an iSight camera connected to the Mac mini that allows users to create short clips using iMovie or even try out some video conferencing.

The two keyboards and mice allow groups to work on a project together without the annoyance of swapping around keyboards and mice when different people want to add something to the project. The flexible workspace is perfect for groups writing collaborative papers, creating Powerpoint for group presentations, or working on other computing projects.

There is a calendar on the door that groups may use to sign up to reserve Hector for up to three hours at a time. More on the signup policy can be found here.

For more information visit the Library Blog article.


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