GTS SOS – Introduction to Remote Assistance

Posted on September 2nd, 2011 by

You may have noticed a Gustavus icon appear on your Gustavus-owned desktop or laptop that is labeled GTS SOS. This icon will enable you to connect an online help service.

This is meant to provide another means of service provided by the Technology Services Full Time staff members. This icon, when double clicked, will connect you to a GTS full time staff as a chat service and if you would like, we can see your screen if you give us permission, and you can also give us permission to control your screen and mouse, so we can help you remotely. This service works anywhere you have an Internet connection.

This remote assistance will allow us to provide “on site” quality support anywhere you might be. It will allow for even quicker response times. You can request assistance and not have to wait for GTS staff to walk across campus to help assess the severity of your problem.

This service is not meant to replace on site, 1-on-1 quality service, but another way to provide quality support wherever you might be. This service is available only from 8am – 5pm.

When this program is opened, you have three options.

1.Connect with Support Team
2. Enter a session key
3. Describe your issue.

If you select #1, it will connect you to our system and the first available GTS staff member will response to your chat. From here, it will ask you if you want to share your screen, hide your screen, or give us remote control. This last option will let us control your mouse.

If you select #2, it will ask you for a session key and it will connect you to a specific member of GTS. This key is provided to you by a GTS full time staff member.

If you select #3, it will allow to describe the problem first, and then it will connect you to a full time staff member.


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