Printing PDFs in Google Chrome Posted on March 7th, 2013 by

Have you ever printed a document from within the Google Chrome browser and you just get black pages?

There is a bug in the latest version of Chrome ( that causes certain PDF’s to print in all black when printed from the Chrome PDF printer.  It does not happen in previous versions of Google Chrome.  We have only been able to recreate it when printing to a printer using the HP universal print driver.  It appears to only happen with PDFs that were created by scanning them.

If you print from Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, you should not have this problem. If you save the PDF and then print the PDF from or Adobe Reader, you will not have the problem.

If you have printed one of these PDFs and they printed all in black, make sure you submit a refund request through

For more information, please visit:

Pro  tip: When scanning documents on a copier and saving as a PDF, if you open them with Adobe Acrobat Professional and OCR the file, not only will it index the scanned PDF to enable searching, it will also prevent the PDFs from printing all in black in Google Chrome for future viewers/printers of the document.

To learn how to OCR documents in Adobe Acrobat Professional, please visit:







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