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173px-Windows_logo_-_2002.svgYesterday, we lost a favorite, Windows XP. Windows XP was first released in October of 2001.

Windows XP official support ended yesterday. Windows XP had been supported for 12 years, which by today’s software standards, is a very long time.  With support ending, there will be no more security updates released to patch the OS. This means your Windows XP computer on the Internet is vulnerable to viruses, malware and  illegal intrusions that can damage or steal your data.

If you are using a Gustavus-owned Windows XP computer, please contact us regarding a Windows software upgrade. If you need to run Windows XP on your Gustavus-owned computer, please disconnect it from the network by removing the ethernet cable.

If you are using a personal Windows XP computer, it is either time to disconnect it from the Internet or upgrade the Windows software and/or computer hardware.

If you are bringing a Windows XP computer to campus, please be aware that it will no longer be able to be registered on our network.

Please see Microsoft’s official link:

If you have questions or concerns, please let us know.
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