WebAdvisor and Cookie Issues Posted on March 17th, 2015 by

After Spring Break, Registration for Fall 2015 will be starting (April 13th). The Technology Helpline would like to remind users how to avoid cookie problems with WebAdvisor, or resolve them when they occur.

A cookie is a small piece of information stored locally, on your machine, by a website, to help the site remember you later.  Browsers limit the size, total number and other specifications for cookies.Close Window

Occasionally, WebAdvisor (WA) users report problems and error messages regarding cookies.  Each time a user opens a new browser window or tab in WA, a new cookie is created.   For WA to properly remove cookies, users must use the CLOSE WINDOW button on the page.  If you close the WA window by clicking the X in the top of the window or tab the cookie will not be removed.  If you open and close (without using the CLOSE WINDOW button) enough windows you will receive a message that says the maximum number of cookie values has been reached.  To resolve this problem, close all open windows and tabs, using the CLOSE WINDOW button, log out of WA and restart your browser.

For help removing cookies and other cached information, please see the Gustavus Technology Services wiki page about deleting browser cookies, or clearing browser cache.


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