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Gustavus Anti-Virus for Windows Vista

The Gustavus provided Symantec anti-virus is now available for all versions of Windows Vista. This version of Symantec anti-virus will not work on older versions of Windows. Please select the appropriate version when visting the link below. (Login Required) If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Helpline.

SSL Certificate Updated on Mailserver

On Tuesday, February 20th the SSL Certificate on the mailserver at Gustavus was renewed. The Eudora email client will notify the end user of this change. The notification will be in the form of an error message. Please click the Yes button to trust the certificate in future sessions. If you have questions, or problems […]

Duplicate Email Messages

The Technology Helpline has taken numerous calls recently from users reporting duplicate email messages. Many of the these duplicates are being caused by mailing lists that have errors (incorrect usernames) in them. If you are getting duplicate emails, please call the Technology Helpline at x6111 and report the name of the mailing list. We can […]

WebAdvisor Upgrade

Please update your WebAdvisor bookmarks. Taken from the Faculty-L this morning from Mary Milbradt, Administrative Information Systems, GTS: The new version of WebAdvisor was primarily a technical revision. All of the same options are still available and function exactly the same. However, there are a few changes you should be aware of: Upon entering […]

Want to know the status of the Gustavus network/email?

During times of email outages or network connectivity problems, you can find the latest status of the problem by: Dialing the Technology Helpline’s phone number (x6111) and pressing 1. This will give the latest news on any network/email problems that Gustavus is experiencing. You will also have an opportunity to connect with a consultant at […]