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Faster and more reliable Internet

Wireless is a great thing, there is no getting around that. Although this is true, sometimes you need a more reliable connection to the Internet. We recommend that you disable your wireless card on your laptop and plug your computer into an ethernet jack for those times when reliability is a must. To ensure this […]

Need a lab computer to work on?

How about trying the new dual-boot (Mac OSX and Windows XP) computer lab? You can choose Windows or OSX! It is located within the Olin computer lab, behind the glass windows – in the back. This mini lab (9 computers) is open to all students, everyday, all day. The only time that this computer lab […]

E-mail Quotas

Most users at Gustavus have an e-mail quota of 250 MB. A quota limits the amount of disk space that each user can use. If you are close to your e-mail quota, you will receive an e-mail notification. To check your e-mail quota and usage, please visit the GTS Tools Page. Click on the “Check […]

I LOST my 12 page paper!

It is that time of year when final papers are being written, stress is upon students, and late nights are common. Gustavus Technology Services would like to remind everybody that backing up data and saving frequently is more important than ever – especially near the end of the semester – when large/important papers or powerpoints […]