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Printing to lab printers from your machine

Students can easily setup their personal laptop or desktop to print to any public lab printer.  This includes the printer in their residence hall and the printers in the library. For more information, please refer to the following wiki articles.

User Account Control Prompt While Opening Firefox or Thunderbird

Have you seen this prompt on your computer when you open Firefox or Thunderbird?   This is the User Account Control prompt asking for permission to run an application as an administrator.  This permission is required to install the updates for Firefox and Thunderbird.  If you notice this prompt and it says: Program name: Firefox […]

GTS SOS – Introduction to Remote Assistance

You may have noticed a Gustavus icon appear on your Gustavus-owned desktop or laptop that is labeled GTS SOS. This icon will enable you to connect an online help service. This is meant to provide another means of service provided by the Technology Services Full Time staff members. This icon, when double clicked, will connect […]