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Tips for working better on your desktop computer.

Gustavus Technology Training Classes

Gustavus Technology Services is pleased to announce the availability of free, hands-on, technology training sessions for faculty and staff. These training sessions will be in small groups held in the Olin Technology Classroom (Room 124B) beginning at 9:00 am and lasting about an hour. They are aimed at all different skill levels so all are […]

Have a smartphone? Tips for checking your Gustavus e-mail.

Smartphones are becoming a popular choice for cell phone users these days because of the many things that they can do. One of those things is checking e-mail from your cell phone or other mobile device. Some of the smartphone options out there right now are the Blackberry, HTC Hero, Droid, G1, myTouch, Nexus One, […]

Would you like better cell phone coverage?

What can Technology Services do about poor cell phone coverage? Unfortunately, not much. However, you may be able to improve it yourself! The most important thing to do, is to contact your cellular provider and let them know your coverage isn’t very good. If more people call them and let them know, this gives them […]

Slow e-mail delivery

Currently, some users are experiencing slow delivery of e-mail. Please be assured that no e-mail is lost. We hope to be back up to full speed later today. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Technology Helpline at x6111. Thank you for your patience.

Adding Other Calendars to Your Google Calendar

One of the fun features of Google Calendar is the ability to add other calendars to your calendar.  There are a number of Gustavus calendars that can be added to your calendar. If you want to add all the Fine Arts Events, or the Swimming and Diving Calendar, you can. To add the  Swimming Calendar […]

Have you backed up your data recently?

Gustavus Technology Services would like to remind everybody that backing up data and saving frequently is more important than ever. Great ways to back up your data: Flash Drive Home Directory Emailing it to a second email address such as GMail, Yahoo! Mail, etc (for backup purposes only) External Hard Drive If you own a […]

Self Service Password Reset

Have you ever forgot your Gustavus e-mail password? Did you have it saved in your web browser and all of a sudden, it’s not there? It may not be a problem now, however if you follow the steps below you will be covered. In our ongoing efforts to better serve you, we have created a […]

I just LOST my 19 page paper!!

It is that time of year when final papers are being written, stress is upon students, and late nights are common. Never leave a lab computer for any reason without first saving your document to a known location (flash drive, home directory) . If you leave the computer for more than 1 hour, the computer […]

E-mail Password Policy

Starting this October 15th, Gustavus Technology Services is requiring that users change their Gustavus e-mail passwords at least once per year. If you have changed your password recently, you do not need to take action at this time. For those of you that received an e-mail from Ethan Sommer on Thursday October 9th regarding your […]

Phishing email this week…

Gustavus Technology Services will never ask for your password. Be aware that this week, an email, NOT FROM GUSTAVUS, was sent out regarding your email password. Please be aware that this is a scam/phishing attempt. Thank you to those that brought it to our attention. Please delete the message immediately. Always remember, if you are […]