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Current issues and concerns regarding technology at Gustavus.

Phishing email this weekend…

Gustavus Technology Services will never ask for your password. Be aware that this weekend an email, NOT FROM GUSTAVUS, was sent out regarding your email password. Please be aware that this is a scam/phishing attempt. Thank you to those that brought it to our attention. Please delete the message immediately. Always remember, if you are […]

E-mail Quotas

Most users at Gustavus have an e-mail quota of 250 MB. A quota limits the amount of disk space that each user can use. If you are close to your e-mail quota, you will receive an e-mail notification. To check your e-mail quota and usage, please visit the GTS Tools Page. Click on the “Check […]

A Work in Progress: Dual-Boot Classroom

Today, we have put the finishing touches on our first dual-boot computer lab. However, this indeed is a work in progress. Our dual-boot classroom is located in the Olin Technology Center’s teaching computer lab. The lab consists of 9 Mac Mini’s that are running both Mac OSX Tiger and Windows XP. When you sit down […]

Empty Your E-mail Trash Mailbox

Be a good steward of your e-mail space and regularly empty your trash. The messages in your Trash mailbox take up space on the mailserver, and count towards your e-mail quota. Make sure you empty your Trash mailbox regularly. To empty your Trash mailbox in Webmail click the Empty Trash icon on the top toolbar.

Daylight Savings Time Changes

Not only is Daylight Savings Time changing our clocks, this year it is changing when we change our clocks. This means that our computers have to change too. All major software vendors have released patches and updates to ensure that the changes in Daylight Savings Time don’t cause us to be late for appointments. Please […]

GAC Squad – Tonight!

Need help registering your computer on the Gustavus (wired or wireless) network? Do you have virus-related computer problems? Today, March 5th, the Gustavus Technology Helpline will be running its GAC Squad from 5:00-9:00pm in the Olin Computer Lab. During this time, the Technology Helpline will be helping students register their computers on the wired and […]

Duplicate Email Messages

The Technology Helpline has taken numerous calls recently from users reporting duplicate email messages. Many of the these duplicates are being caused by mailing lists that have errors (incorrect usernames) in them. If you are getting duplicate emails, please call the Technology Helpline at x6111 and report the name of the mailing list. We can […]

Want to know the status of the Gustavus network/email?

During times of email outages or network connectivity problems, you can find the latest status of the problem by: Dialing the Technology Helpline’s phone number (x6111) and pressing 1. This will give the latest news on any network/email problems that Gustavus is experiencing. You will also have an opportunity to connect with a consultant at […]

I LOST my 12 page paper!

It is that time of year when final papers are being written, stress is upon students, and late nights are common. The Technology Services department would like to remind everybody that backing up data and saving frequently is more important than ever – especially near the end of the semester – when large/important papers or […]

Network Connectivity Problems in Schaefer Fine Arts Center -FIXED

There has been a few reports of connectivity problems in the Fine Arts Center. We are investigating and hope to have things fixed soon. UPDATE: Due to a circuit breaker being tripped, a few of our switches did not respond after the power outage. Everything should be back to normal. If you notice anything not […]